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Buying a modular home is a big decision. After all, you’ll be living there for years, making memories with your family and friends. Along the way there will be many other decisions to make, like choosing a floor plan, picking colors, selecting a lender, choosing your lot, choosing your exterior trim, the list can go on forever. The point is this; we make deciding on a modular home company easy.

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Cardinal Homes has been helping families come home for nearly 50 years. Over the years we have made some great friends by forging and nurturing professional relationships with builders, creating efficient modular home plans, and really listening to the needs of our clients. This allows you, the home buyer, to own a system-built, modular home and feel right at home from day one.

Wooden House


1. Your Dreams Become Reality

It is easy to dream, but to make your dreams reality…not so much. That’s why our process is so beautiful. You can use any of our pre-designed floor plans as a starting point and adjust it to suit your individual needs.
We understand that not everybody is an architect, engineer, or designer, but we all know what we want, right? You tell us what you want, and we make it happen. We have so many special features that will enhance your new custom designed modular home, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop. So dream away! Don’t worry about the small stuff, that’s our job. Which, by the way, we will worry about incessantly until everything is exactly how it should be.

Wood Frame of House

2.Our History Is Award-Winning

At Cardinal Homes we’ve been one of the top modular home companies servicing builders in the eastern states for over 45 years. We have maintained that prestige because we don’t compromise our integrity, we don’t cut corners, and we value our customers’ happiness over all else.
We specialize in building highly engineered custom modular homes that are efficient and functional while maintaining a beautiful design. In fact, we are so good at it, we won an award.
EcoMod, at the University of Virginia, designed a sustainable and affordable high performance modular housing plan and they came to us to build it. We took their ideas and used our impeccable building system to create two homes that won the 2013 Research and Development Award

3. Features for an Easier Life

There are no cookie cutters here. In fact, we don’t really like to bake. What we do enjoy is offering features to make sure each made to order modular home suits our customers to a “T”.
Cardinal uses smart features in each of their efficient modular home plans in an effort to make your life easier.
By making the hallways and doorways a little wider, including thoughtful kitchen and easy access bathrooms, and incorporating clever storage areas, your new home will be much more comfortable.
Even the smallest details can make a big difference. For example, rocker light switches and lever door handles make it easy to come home with an armload of groceries, open your door and bump the lights on by using your elbow.
Many of our features are specially designed with special considerations in mind. As your family grows and changes, each feature is used in many different ways. You’ll be surprised by how much, small changes can improve your life, day to day.

Roof Construction

4. We Build With Only the Best Products

The best custom designed modular homes use only the best products to build with. At Cardinal we believe that creating beautiful and sustainable homes means partnering with only companies of the highest integrity.
We don’t only believe in surface beauty. We believe that the best products are strong and pleasing to the eye. We take great care in choosing vendors that live by that same motto. When we are provided the best products, we can provide you with the best end results in your home.
This allows us to give you great choices as you add your own unique style to a Cardinal made to order modular home.

5. Efficiency

Professional craftspeople will build your new Cardinal home modules on an assembly line in an environment controlled factory. This allows for no unexpected delays and construction can continue no matter how bad the weather is outside. Your custom designed modular home is being built while you are getting your site ready, not after. This saves you time and money.


Many people confuse a system built modular home for a style of home instead of a technology. A modular home looks and performs like a stronger and safer site built home. Modules are built to the same building code using the same or higher quality materials. System built modular homes are much more efficient and green due to a smart building system.


In order to start building a house, you need a plan. What are your needs? What is your style? How many people will be living in your home? These questions and others should be considered when you decide on a home design.
You can do this in one of two ways. You can either browse our floorplans online, through our easy floorplan search function, or come visit our office in Wylliesburg, VA for a one-on-one consultation to discuss your options.


Dreaming about your new home is fun, but it is best to keep your budget in mind while doing so. This will help you to choose features and floor plans that fall within this budget plan.
It may help you to know that modular homes can be financed the same as site built homes through your lender. So, a trip to your lender where you get prequalified will come in handy to know exactly how much you can spend on your new home right from the start.
Our network of builders can help you determine how to get all of your needs met while still finding room in your budget for the fun stuff.


Now that you have a floorplan and a budget, here comes the fun part. You can browse through our product guide and finishes section on this website to determine what special touches your home will have.
You can customize your cabinets, flooring, light fixtures, lock sets, countertops, bathroom fixtures and much more. This is where you let your style shine through. You can even decide on the exterior siding and doors.


Once your builder signs our paperwork, we will start building your home with great care and precision according to your chosen floorplan and customizations.
Your home will be shipped in modules, sealed up tight, and shipped to your pre-selected site. From there, your local builders will put your home together piece by piece and make it airtight and ready to move in.


Deliver the Building System of Choice and Improve Relationships With Every Interaction

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